Plan Well for Your Family Business


If you are an owner in a family enterprise, you may not be aware that the chances of your business transitioning successfully to the next generation are not very good.  This has not changed over the years. Statistics show a failure rate of 67% of businesses succeeding into the second generation and 90% by the time they reach the third.  […]

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Changes to the Taxation of Estates


Estate, trust and tax planners have long favoured testamentary trusts as vehicles to pass along assets to beneficiaries or heirs.   A testamentary trust is generally a trust or estate that is created the day a person dies.  Commonly, these trusts are established in a testator’s will. A significant benefit to testamentary trusts had been that income earned and retained in […]

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The Corporate Estate Transfer


If you are the owner of a successful company it is likely that you have retained profits or surplus cash in your corporation.  If this is the case, chances are also good that this invested surplus is exposed to a high rate of corporate income tax.  If this describes your company then you may be a candidate for the Corporate […]

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The Single Premium Insured Annuity – June 2015


Available until January 1, 2017 A New Approach  Low interest rates have made it more difficult to achieve acceptable levels of fixed income without taking more risk. A new method of structuring an insured annuity can provide fixed income for individuals over 65 without taking on more risk. The new approach involves combining the prescribed annuity with a Universal Life […]

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Budget 2015 Highlights – May 2015


On April 21, 2015, Finance Minister Joe Oliver tabled his first federal budget.  The provisions of the budget will be of particular interest to owners of small and medium sized businesses, seniors and families with children.  As well, those looking to make certain charitable donations will be encouraged by Oliver’s budget. Below is a brief commentary on each of the […]

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Addressing employee stress


Mental illness is a significant threat to employers in terms of loss of productivity, absenteeism, disability and medical costs. While stress and poor mental health are not one and the same thing – in fact, the right level of stress is an essential component of maximum performance in the workplace – prolonged periods of high stress levels are a risk […]

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